Section 25 Management Ltd. has negotiated many Pipeline Right‐of‐Way Agreements with  numerous companies throughout Alberta & Saskatchewan. No Landowner should ever sign a Pipeline Right‐of‐Way Agreement without representation by an experience Oil and Gas representative.


These Pipeline Easement Agreements are necessary to provide a network of pipelines to transport oil & gas from the wellhead to the point of first sale and ultimately to the consumer. These are contracts that must be negotiated to maximize landowner compensation and property protections. Many landowners do not understand their options and rights and landowners are signing  Pipeline Agreements without any  advice.

If you are approached by a company seeking to negotiate a Pipeline Right‐of‐Way Agreement, do not repeat mistakes made by many other Landowners who signed  Pipeline Agreements without any advice. All landowners should retain representatives with experience negotiating and drafting Pipeline Right‐of‐Way Agreements and detailed Addendum terms. Pipeline Agreements may last for many years and Landowners must protect their property for future generations. Section 25 Management will negotiate and draft a detailed Addendum terms to the Pipeline Agreement to  protect your property for generations, and eliminate Landowner surprise.