Surface Lease Agreements, are legal contracts between oil & gas  companies and the Landowner that grant the company’s use of the surface of your property.

Surface Lease Agreements relate to proposed surface operations and surface installations on a Landowner’s property. Surface Lease Agreements may involve the construction of a well site, pad site, above ground pipelines  meter stations, roadways, buildings, or any other surface operation or installation proposed on a Landowner’s property.

Surface Lease Agreements are presented to landowners and drafted by companies to maximize the benefits to the company. Surface Lease Agreements are negotiable and must be carefully negotiated to benefit and protect the Landowner. Effective Surface Lease Agreement negotiations protect the Landowner and provide conditions and terms to the company and eliminate future surprises.

With all agreements, the Landowner must fully understand the agreement and must effectively evaluate their options and negotiation leverage. If you are presented a Surface Lease Agreement by an oil & gas  company, contact Section 25 Management Ltd.

It is critical that every Landowner seize the opportunity to negotiate the best possible agreement for their oil and gas related assets. A strong and skillfully drafted Addendum will maximize all compensation opportunities for the present date and well into the future. A strong Addendum will also protect the Landowner’s right for the lifetime of the Agreement. A Landowner should not sign any agreement until they fully understand all of the terms contained in the final agreement and have made an informed decision that the terms of the agreement and negotiated Addendum are sufficient to address or outweigh their concerns.