Landowner representation


 For decades, Alberta and Saskatchewan oil and gas companies, have been negotiating the acquisition of oil and gas reserves with land owners on a daily basis.  Typically, the energy companies send out Land Agents to represent their interests.  As a land owner, you are left to sift through the information and make decisions that have a significant impact on your livelihood.  As a landowner, you are entitled to have not just fair representation at the bargaining table, but you are entitled to have someone representing your needs. 


At Section 25 Management, our custom software program takes all the guessing out of when your cheques are coming, and when your rent reviews should be done.  Our landowners will be the first to share that we give peace of mind, save time and energy, relieve the mounds of paperwork, protect your interests and return dollars to your bottom line.  We give you back the homefield advantage.